Trump announces to meet Kim Jong Un in not-too-distant future

Trump announces to meet Kim Jong Un in not-too-distant future

Trump announces to meet Kim Jong Un in not-too-distant future

The on-again, off-again talks between North Korea and the United States are officially back on.

USA intelligence officials have long doubted the sincerity of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his representatives when it comes to abandoning their nuclear capabilities, but CIA Director Gina Haspel said Monday there may be reason for hope.

President Trump attends a meeting on the global drug problem at the United Nations, with U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, a day ahead of the official opening of the 73rd United Nations General Assembly, on Monday, in New York City. The softer tone toward North Korea - once threatened with "fire and fury" - has been replaced by rosy optimism, with Trump reserving tough rhetoric for another potential nuclear aspirant and strategic foe: Iran.

The Moon-Trump summit is set to be held Monday, four days after the South Korean president returned home from a three-day trip to North Korea for talks with leader Kim Jong-un.

"That was a very unsafe time".

"There does seem to be a suggestion that Kim Jong Un, Chairman Kim, understands and wants to take steps to improve the economic plight of the North Korean people", Haspel told an audience at the University of Louisville, her first public appearance since being confirmed as the spy agency's director in May.

Moon recently met with Kim and brought a message from the North Korean leader for Trump.

"We will be having a second summit in the not-too-distant future", Mr. Trump said. "We are in no hurry" to bring about a nuclear agreement.

The leaders signed an update to an existing U.S. Pompeo defended Trump's decision to seek another meeting despite the slow progress.

"A declaration of an end to the war is a political declaration that says we will end our hostile relations", Moon said earlier. We tried to do trade for trade.

One thing we know for sure from the summit between the leaders of South Korea and the USA,.is that there will be a redux of the Singapore summit, . hopefully pushing efforts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula in the right direction.

"This North Korean commitment - and I put commitment in parentheses - to denuclearize presents a huge and critical challenge", Coats added. His trip to Singapore in June for the inaugural summit was anything but trivial. El-Sissi said it's an obligation Trump has made clear.

Trump and Moon were expected to sign a new version of the U.S.

The command will cooperate with South Korea's defense ministry and "as appropriate" with the North Korean military "to work through the details of the agreement", according to a UNC official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

"If they said, 'No, ' then it would just be enhancing Kim's arguments that the USA isn't negotiating in good faith", he said in a telephone interview. In the 12 months since his last visit to the United Nations, the president has jolted the global status quo by pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, starting trade conflicts with China and the West and embracing Russia's Vladimir Putin even as the investigation into the USA president's ties to Moscow moves closer to the Oval Office.

The rivals also announced a blueprint to transform the DMZ, a 2.5-mile-wide no man's land that is lined with barbed wire and land mines, into a peace zone, as agreed during the first Moon-Kim summit on April 27.

Trump says he's president of the United States, not the world. Both leaders are attending an annual United Nations gathering.

Trump was elected promising to address US opioid addiction. The US president did not elaborate on a possible venue or date for such a meeting.

The Singapore summit was the first ever meeting between a sitting USA president and a North Korean leader. The fate of Trump's second Supreme Court nominee was cast into doubt over the weekend amid new allegations of sexual misconduct.

Trump said Monday he hopes to meet with Kim again "quite soon".

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