Elliott takes blame for Cowboys' loss to Seahawks

Elliott takes blame for Cowboys' loss to Seahawks

Elliott takes blame for Cowboys' loss to Seahawks

While there will no doubt be rumors that Thomas is not playing to avoid getting injured, which would prevent him from getting traded to Dallas, it is entirely possible Thomas sat on Friday for other reasons. It was Thomas' way of acknowledging the Cowboys should have done more by now to try to acquire him from the Seahawks after the former All-Pro made it clear he wanted out of Seattle if a contract extension wasn't coming.

After the game, Thomas explained that he thought Sunday could've been his last game with the Seahawks because of the "chatter".

Thomas' second interception was one of two turnovers forced by Seattle in the fourth quarter.

Earlier in the contest, Elliott was penalized for illegally touching a forward pass when he stepped out of bounds prior to what would have been a 31-yard catch-and-run touchdown in the second quarter.

The good news on offense was that Seattle gave No. 1 running back Chris Carson a steady diet of carries, and he was producing, racking up 29 yards on seven attempts with a long run of 13.

Prescott finished 19 of 34 for 168 yards and a 3-yard shovel pass TD to Tavon Austin with 7:11 remaining. Brown couldn't deny the impact Fluker had on Seattle's rushing attack in Fluker's Seahawks debut. Russell Wilson made smart, decisive throws at key moments.

"You can say whatever, but at the end of the day, when you've got the ball in your hands, that's the team in your hands", Elliott said.

For the first time this season, the Seattle Seahawks played complementary football.

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