Apple CEO's Defense Of iPhone Pricing Raises Questions

Apple CEO's Defense Of iPhone Pricing Raises Questions

Apple CEO's Defense Of iPhone Pricing Raises Questions

Hours after the first video, TechSmartt also posted a video that tests whether the iPhone XS and XS Max are really as waterproof as Apple claims (which is up to IP68 specifications) - or even better. It also places them well above some of Macs by the company.

Apple's massive September summit, where they reveal their big new releases, is only half the fun.

The new iPhones have subtle additions to last year's reimagined iPhone X, the tenth anniversary phone, and do not look very different aside from the ginormous size, several reviewers said.

Tech fix site iFixit posted an extensive joint iPhone XS and XS Max teardown early Friday and found them mostly similar to last year's iPhone X.

Bharti Airtel on Friday said that customers can pre-order iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max on its Online Store starting today.

Long story short: One iPhone XS Max survived being in a bowl of fresh water for 30 minutes with no visible damage.

The XS Max with a 6.5-inch screen, the largest display ever in an iPhone, and the XS with a 5.8-inch screen, both of which have a high-end organic light-emitting diode display, will retail for 124,800 yen and 112,800 yen, respectively. It's a no-nonesense teardown that dives right in and shows you how to dismantle the iPhone Xs.

The iPhone XS and XS Max have been taken apart.

The smartphones also come with dual-SIM capabilities, with the second slot using an eSIM - although this will not be available in the UAE for now.

Apple says the iPhone Xr will be available to pre-order from October 19.

Apple's devices have been criticized for battery life before, and they generally have much smaller batteries than their Android counterparts.

This is the fastest and most efficient processor the USA technology firm has ever created and is also much more efficient meaning longer battery life. "Apple has been proven to have good quality products". More and more phones these days are getting rid of that annoying border around the outside of the screen, and that means more screen real estate on a phone that's physically smaller than the giant phablets of yesterday.

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