Samsung Galaxy Note9 catches fire inside woman's purse

Samsung Galaxy Note9 catches fire inside woman's purse

Samsung Galaxy Note9 catches fire inside woman's purse

Real estate agent Diane Chung says in her lawsuit she was using the new handset on September 3 when it suddenly became "extremely hot", the New York Post reported Saturday. Soon after, she claimed hearing a "whistling and screeching sound", as well as "thick smoke" that began to appear from her bag.

She dropped the phone, "started smashing elevator buttons", and kicked the phone out of the elevator.

According to the lawsuit filed to the Queens Supreme Court, Chung tried to empty the purse's contents on the floor but in the process, she burned her fingers while trying to touch the Samsung phone that had caught fire. The phone was then dunked in a bucket of water (which just happened to be there luckily) by a random passerby not long after the lift stopped at the lobby. After having to abruptly discontinue the phone, Samsung concluded that the fault lay in the Note 7's battery.

A Galaxy Note 9 allegedly caught fire in a NY real estate agent's purse after it became "extremely hot".

It looks like Note 9 plans to continue the legacy of Note 7 as a lawsuit about a potential fire has come to light. They added that they have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Note9 device and they are still investigating the matter.

Another senior Samsung official Kate Beaumon had said that the latest Note 9 uses a newer cooling system for better heat dissipation. "Users do not have to worry about the batteries anymore", he said. Several cases of Note 7 smartphone catching fire were reportede from across the world, forcing the company to dump 2.5 million devices. "All confirmed issues are related to pre-orders placed directly with Samsung; individuals claiming to be affected say they have so far only been offered a $25 discount code on their next purchase as an apology for the issue". At 4,000mAh, it is the biggest battery found in a device that is marketed under the Galaxy Note brand.

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