Pages, Keynote, and Numbers Add Siri Shortcuts Support and More

Pages, Keynote, and Numbers Add Siri Shortcuts Support and More

Pages, Keynote, and Numbers Add Siri Shortcuts Support and More

Here's how to use my favorite new hidden feature in iOS 12, which was released on Monday. You could also see a larger download size.

As promised during last week's presentation, Apple has released the iOS 12 update into the wild, and now you can download it to your device and take advantage of its new features. This is because its banner feature is performance, particularly when under heavy load.

The update is free and available to all iOS users with compatible devices. Group FaceTime Finally Allows Multi-Person Video Chat FaceTime has nearly become the proprietary eponym of video chat, despite the fact that it was missing one huge feature: group chat. iOS 12 finally, finally brings multi-person calling to FaceTime, allowing you to chat with up to 32 people at once.

Updating your device requires you to be connected to Wi-Fi and have at least 50 per cent of your battery charged (or have your device plugged in). It also includes top business stories from Apple News and is available for the first time on iPad.

But you can now get iOS 12 through the Settings menu (the one with the big gray gear icon): Go to Settings - General - Software Update and you'll see it.

If you've ever needed to fix a typo or edit a paragraph on your iPhone, you're going to love this. You can check out some of the changes here and a full official changelog here. Hopefully it's going to be easy enough for non-nerds to start using it, was it really is a useful feature.

Once you download it, one of the new features-dubbed Screen Time-is meant to help you get a handle on your iPhone addiction.

Notifications. This new system is all about avoiding interruptions and reducing clutter on your lock screen.

You also get more options for managing notifications, and iOS notifications are finally grouped by app.

A new Apple Books app.

So this definitely has the potential to be a very important update for devices not launched in the past couple of years or so. "And keeping using them is the best thing for the planet". If any widespread issues affect the iOS community, we'll be sure to pass on the details. You'll also find a new "For You" tab, which-similar to Facebook or Google Photos-will feature photos from this day in the past, or effects it thinks you might want to add to recent images. A new design makes it easier to capture, share and edit recordings.

If you haven't backed up your data or researched the changes on board iOS 12 update, the pre-installation process could take you a lot longer. You can now ask Siri to execute a number of commands across apps with a single prompt-summoning a traffic report, tuning in to drive-time radio, and turning up the air conditioning in your home-as you're leaving the office.

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