Coca-Cola looking into cannabis-infused drinks

Coca-Cola looking into cannabis-infused drinks

Coca-Cola looking into cannabis-infused drinks

Bloomberg reports that Coca-Cola's interest in CBD-infused drinks includes the potential for beverages that ease inflammation, pain, and cramping.

Company spokesman Kent Landers said no decision had been made to enter that specific market but admitted it was "closely watching" how the sector was evolving. And the company is interested enough in selling CBD beverages that it also held talks with Aphria, another Canadian marijuana producer about two months ago, insiders told Bloomberg, although those negotiations apparently fell apart at some point.

Cannabis companies from the USA - where marijuana remains illegal at the federal level - have flocked to Canada to raise funds and establish businesses.

The burgeoning industry has created a demand for edible products infused with cannabidol (CBD) - the non-psychoactive constituent part of cannabis that can be used to limit pain, according to some experts.

A source close to the negotiations between the companies said: 'They're pretty advanced down the path of doing a deal. There are third-party sellers offering CBD-based products on Amazon, for example. Still, many cannabis companies have been boosting their capabilities to produce value-added cannabis-based products, which are posed to have bigger profit margins than dried cannabis.

Now it's being reported that Coca-Cola is next to get involved as the soft drinks behemoth is said to be in "serious talks" to develop a cannabis-infused bev.

"I can't imagine they're doing it just for the 35 million people in Canada, they clearly have an eye on the U.S. market", said Krane.

As beverage makers including Molson Coors step into the marijuana market, Coca-Cola is thinking about joining the pot party. She said in a note to clients Monday that Coke is positioning itself for the long-term.

So, with fizzy drinks are becoming increasingly unpopular (no thanks to our pal, Jamie Oliver), Bloomberg reports that the the worldwide franchise is looking to delve into the cannabis sector.

Canada is in the process of legalizing recreational use of marijuana.

However, US corporations remain cautious about taking steps into a business that remains illegal under US federal law. The first-ever medical treatment derived from a marijuana plant will hit the US market soon, after regulators in June gave an epilepsy treatment by GW Pharmaceuticals the green light.

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