Barack Obama encourages people to vote: "This is not Coachella"

Barack Obama encourages people to vote:

Barack Obama encourages people to vote: "This is not Coachella"

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In many ways, Obama spoke beyond Trump - calling him the "symptom not the cause" of a broader crisis in American democracy - indicting the Republican Party for what he described as timidity in failing to reject the politics of conspiracy theories and resentments.

"He is a re-energizer for progressives who care about what's at stake and a reminder for independents that we can have a President who isn't an embarrassment to the country", said Jesse Ferguson, a Democratic strategist who worked on Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign.

He says, "I'm not making that up".

We want to know what was the naughtiest thing your dogs have every done in the White House? "Because there is actually only one real check on bad policies and abuses of power".

"If it (impeachment) does happen, it's your fault, because you didn't go out to vote. OK?"

"I'm sorry, I watched it, but I fell asleep". "I found he's very good for sleeping".

Obama didn't mention President Donald Trump by name during a 20-minute speech in the key Southern California battleground of Orange County.

Obama even brought up Trump's refusal to stand up to white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017.

Republicans shrugged off Obama's criticism.

Bongino stated his opinion bluntly: "Barack Obama was one of the most divisive presidents in American history". Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., tweeted.

Some said they didn't mind that Obama took a softer approach. "Doubling down on that strategy won't work in 2018 either".

His step back into the political arena offered a preview of his message for the fall's midterms.

"They're undermining our alliances, cozying up to Russian Federation", he said. "What happened?" Obama asked. "It reminds the Republicans why these midterms are important".

"As a fellow citizen, not as an ex-president".

Obama urged the Democrats at his first rally of 2018 to get out and vote in November, telling them that the dismay they feel about Washington right now means nothing is they don't follow through by voicing their displeasure at the ballot box. He'll next travel to California for an event with seven House candidates in Orange County.

Next week, Obama plans to campaign in Ohio for Richard Cordray, the Democratic nominee for governor, and Ohio Democrats. He also will campaign this month in IL and Pennsylvania and will headline a fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee in New York City.

His campaign activity will continue until October and it will also include fundraising appearances too. But now, the country is at a crossroads, he said, and the "indifference" and "cynicism" that leads to not voting could be dire.

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Stivers said Friday that Obama's campaign events will help Republicans.

Obama is seeking to rally support for Democrats as Americans prepare to head to the voting booth November 6 in elections that will see one-third of Senate seats up for grabs, as well as all seats in the House of Representatives. The outcome will decide control of Congress and three dozen gubernatorial contests.

"This is not normal", Obama said during his hour-long address.

But he dropped that political reticence in IL, the state where he launched his own political career, saying a vote against Republicans could restore "honesty and decency and lawfulness" to government. He said immigrants are "much more moderate in their views", he said, leading them to register Democratic.

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