‘iPhone Xc’ images leaked days ahead of launch

‘iPhone Xc’ images leaked days ahead of launch

‘iPhone Xc’ images leaked days ahead of launch

The slide also refers to a 6.5-inch model as the iPhone XS Plus. While actual United States prices might differ, Goldman Sachs has revised its own estimates, saying that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, a.k.a. iPhone XC, will actually sell for $849, instead of the expected $699. That's all up in the air. But they have naturally ramped up more recently, considering Apple will announce the new trio of devices this Wednesday, 12 September. Original, no Snake 2 nonsense.

One point of contention that has not yet been made clear is whether or not the entry-level iPhone XC will feature a cost-effective LCD screen as an alternative to the cutting edge OLED display found on the iPhone X and its subsequent derivatives higher up on the product chart. Still, none of the phones will feature breakthrough new features, with more significant changes planned for next year, the people said. While it will sport the same internals as the iPhone Xs, it will cut down on some areas to achieve its lower price tag.

Apple is hosting its annual event on 12th September.

Apple's event comes with the global smartphone market largely saturated, without a major catalyst for sales ahead of a likely rollout of 5G, or fifth generation wireless networks, expected in 2019. While Geskin and others are stating it'll be called the iPhone Xc, Bloomberg has stated it expects it to be called the iPhone Xr. This year, the new models will likely be available for purchase much closer to their announcement date.

Still, Apple has faced tight supply of the new low-priced model due to minor complications fitting backlights for the LCD screen, according to people familiar with the matter. The new Apple Watch is expected to have a similar design to the current Apple Watch 3, but potentially with a slightly larger screen squeezed into the same size body, according to reports. The flat white oval charges the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time without having to plug them in. This year it is also expected that company might introduce the new iPhones in new colour variants as well. The company faced development challenges, but plans to launch it as soon as this month, Bloomberg News reported earlier this year. Geared toward consumers and schools, the laptop may help Apple regain lost market share in the PC world.

Beyond phones and watches, Apple is planning a series of other products later this year.

What's more, there's no information on the new iPhones' specifications, hardware, or software.

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