'What was Nike thinking' with Kaepernick ad

'What was Nike thinking' with Kaepernick ad

'What was Nike thinking' with Kaepernick ad

Colin Kaepernick was seen in the Portland area on Thursday afternoon.

Nike has always been very creative in their marketing endeavors, so when they announced that they would make Colin Kaepernick the face of their 30th Anniversary "Just Do It" campaign, it didn't surprise anyone.

After Nike's ad launched Monday, Kyle penned a lengthy Facebook post which said that she was disappointed with Nike's choice in Kaepernick. "Take it from me, when I say they sacrificed everything, they also sacrificed the lives of their loved ones who will never be the same", Kyle added. He is now suing the National Football League, accusing team owners of conspiring to keep him off team rosters.

President Trump, who has repeatedly slammed the players' protests, also weighed in, saying in an interview with The Daily Caller that the deal with Kaepernick sends "a bad message". "I stand for anybody that believes in a positive attitude", LeBron James said Tuesday night at a Nike fashion show and awards ceremony in NY.

"What was Nike thinking?" the president wondered on Twitter shortly before 7 a.m. "But I'm not going to say [Kaepernick] hasn't sacrificed quite a bit".

Trump expanded his criticism of the athletic company in an interview with Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth.

"I definitely feel like Nike knew exactly what they were doing when they put this ad out, when they chose to use Colin Kaepernick as their spokesperson", said Courtney Reese.

They have been among the most vocal protesters since Kaepernick began similar demonstrations in 2016 by kneeling during the anthem. "I think that's the problem".

The league and players union still haven't resolved whether players will be punished this season if they choose to kneel or demonstrate during the anthem. Owners approved a policy requiring players to stand if they are on the sideline during the song, allowing them to stay off the field if they wish.

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