‘Have killed, are killing, will kill terrorists in Syria’: Russia

‘Have killed, are killing, will kill terrorists in Syria’: Russia

‘Have killed, are killing, will kill terrorists in Syria’: Russia

Presidents Erdogan, Putin and Rouhani are now in Tehran ahead of the talks. Both Erdogan and Rouhani condemned the alleged USA support to rebel groups battling President Bashar al Assad's regime in a conflict that has claimed the lives of at least 5,00,000 people and displaced millions of Syrians, triggering a much larger migrant crisis impacting European nations across the Mediterranean.

For Russia and Iran, both allies of the Syrian regime, retaking Idlib is crucial to complete what they see as a military victory in Syria's war after the regime forces recaptured almost all other major towns and cities, largely defeating the rebellion against Assad.

In regaining control over other parts of Syria in the previous year, Russian-brokered surrender deals offered safe passage for tens of thousands of rebels and their families to Idlib, which is why the province became the last bastion of the armed resistance.

Northwestern Idlib province and surrounding areas are home to about 3 million people - almost half of them civilians displaced from other parts of Syria.

Neighboring Turkey, which has long backed Syrian rebels, fears the assault could prompt a flood of desperate Syrians toward its territory. He noted that there are many heavy armaments in Idlib. They appealed to world leaders to "urgently work together to avoid this horrific scenario".

America's ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has warned any military offensive in Idlib "would be a reckless escalation".

A picture taken on Tuesday shows smoke blowing from buildings reportedly hit by Russian air strikes in the rebel-hold town of Muhambal, about 30 kilometres southwest of the city of Idlib.

"Turkey will have to decide in this summit whether to join the battle and influence it, or stay put and let the Russians and Iranians lead it". They are also due to hold a press conference.

Just hours later, the UN Security Council will also meet at Washington's request, also to discuss Idlib.

"We're coming out of Syria, like, very soon", he said.

Idlib's population has swelled as the regime chalked up a series of victories in other parts of the country, reaching evacuation deals that saw tens of thousands of people bussed to the northwestern province.

Syrian Army troops have been steadily fortifying positions along the front lines around Idlib over the past few weeks and are expected launch an all-out assault on the province in coming days. "Peace must return to Syria", said spokeswoman Maria Zakharova in comments reported by Russian agencies.

The Iranian president made the remarks while addressing a key trilateral summit in Tehran on Friday focusing on Syria in the presence of his Russian and Turkish counterparts, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, respectively.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, in anticipation of a destructive offensive, has called on all parties to protect civilians in Idlib - many of whom fled government offensives in other parts of the country and have scarce means to sustain their families through another displacement.

Elsewhere in his address, Rouhani said joint efforts made by regional and world countries as well as the United Nations have contributed to almost ending war and bloodshed in Syria, stopping acts of terror in the country and preventing their long-term regional and worldwide consequences.

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