What Sheryl Sandberg will tell Congress about Facebook and Russian Federation

What Sheryl Sandberg will tell Congress about Facebook and Russian Federation

What Sheryl Sandberg will tell Congress about Facebook and Russian Federation

Jack Dorsey, the chief executive of Twitter, personally intervened to allow Infowars' Alex Jones and white nationalist Richard Spencer to keep their accounts on the social media network, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Trump told the conservative outlet in an interview conducted on Tuesday that "I think they already have" interfered in the November 6 election.

"Clearly this problem is not going away; I'm not even sure it's trending in the right direction", Burr said of the threat to United States elections from foreign influence operations on social media platforms.

Twitter's Dorsey, meanwhile, is slated to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in addition to the Senate. Senate leaders rejected Google's offer to make Kent Walker, its senior vice president and chief legal officer, available for the hearings.

"We don't have all the investigative tools that the government has, and we can't always attribute attacks or identify motives", Sandberg said in prepared remarks.

There might also be overall uncertainty about the future of Twitter, now that Dorsey has publicly said the company is fundamentally rethinking core parts of the business.

Jack Dorsey, chief executive of Twitter, also acknowledged his company's past failures. The committee invited Larry Page, the CEO of Google's parent company, Alphabet, but the company said it would send a lower-ranking executive instead.

"I'm deeply disappointed that Google - one of the most influential digital platforms in the world - chose not to send its own top corporate leadership to engage this committee", said Warner.

During that hearing, it's likely Dorsey will face questions about - and push back against - accusations of political bias against Republicans.

The testimony comes as some Republicans say conservatives have been censored on social media.

Google said Walker will be on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, adding that company officials first informed the Senate committee that Walker would be Google's representative in July.

Last week Trump accused Google's search engine of promoting negative news articles and hiding "fair media" coverage of him, vowing to address the situation without providing evidence or giving details of action he might take. "It violated the values of our company and of the country we love".

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