Hotel told to fix Legionella bacteria problem, notify guests

Hotel told to fix Legionella bacteria problem, notify guests

Hotel told to fix Legionella bacteria problem, notify guests

"The Sands Resort will immediately notify current and future guests of the Legionella outbreak and take steps to remediate the premise plumbing system in order to mitigate the risk to the public's health", he continued.

Benjamin Chan, right, sits as part of a panel of state health officials in Hampton, N.H., in August after the discovery of several cases of Legionnaire's disease. One of those 14 Hampton victims, an elderly man, died due to complications related to the disease, state officials said.

Fraser Health doesn't say how many people are affected, but says it is looking into the source of a cluster of cases in Surrey's Guildford neighbourhood.

Officials closed the hot tub spas at the Sands Hotel and the Harris Sea Ranch Motel in Hampton as a precaution because the bacteria that causes Legionnaires' is known to thrive in those environments, the state said.

Officials trying to identify the potential source of the bacteria have sent samples to a Centers for Disease Control laboratory in Atlanta for testing.

Two years ago, health departments reported about 6,100 cases of Legionnaires' disease in the United States, the CDC said. The majority of cases stayed or resided in the Ashworth Avenue area, between Island Path and M Street, but may have had other exposures in the area. It can not be passed from person to person contact.

The bacteria is commonly found in freshwater, groundwater and soil.

Legionnaire's disease such as coughing, fever, shortness of breath and headaches to call the NH DHHS at 603-271-9461. Symptoms usually appear two to 10 days after significant exposure to Legionella bacteria.

Resident can still use and drink their water, but those with a higher risk of getting the disease are advised to take extra steps.

The disease can not be spread through person-to-person contact, nor by drinking contaminated water.

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