Carson Wentz Nick Foles Eagles Falcons | 94 WIP

Carson Wentz Nick Foles Eagles Falcons | 94 WIP

Carson Wentz Nick Foles Eagles Falcons | 94 WIP

Foles gives the Eagles coaching staff the ability not to rush their star quarterback back on the field while remaining competitive on it to start the 2018 campaign. He is practicing, but hasn't been medically cleared for contact.

The announcement ends months of speculation about whether Carson Wentz, who is still recovering from a torn ACL/LCL, will be starting for the Eagles.

It had been reported earlier this week that Foles would start, but the Eagles did not confirm that until Monday morning. He still has to clear that hurdle, and the Eagles won't want to put their franchise quarterback in harm's way. Given the struggles Foles has had during training camp and the preseason thus far, this wasn't what the fans were hoping for, regardless of the heroics Foles performed in last year's playoffs.

However, Wentz may not be ready to take the reigns as of yet.

Quinn claimed that his team was more concerned about preparing for the Eagles' offense overall, rather than for Foles or Wentz.

Of course, the story is about more than just Thursday night's game.

Rumour had it the 21-year-old from Sydney's south-west was too big to play in Australia's NRL and if his dimensions were accurate he would be the biggest player on the just-crowned Super Bowl champion Eagles roster. The crowd will be rocking.

However, Foles did not carry that level of play into his preseason appearances, when he completed 16 of 26 passes for 171 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions. It isn't. Wentz not playing in Week 1 doesn't make how he looked the past few weeks mean any less. It is also fairly obvious that there is a great chance he will be the same player when he returns.

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