Xbox All Access is official

Xbox All Access is official

Xbox All Access is official

If you factor in the base price of $10 a month for Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold each, that price comes out to just over $840.

The new Xbox All Access subscription service has been unveiled in the USA, giving users a console and access to the Xbox Live online gaming service and rental service Game Pass for a single monthly fee.

In fact, Xbox All Access will only be available at your local Microsoft Store, while supplies last.

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Microsoft's new program is credit financed via a Dell Preferred Account, whose terms and monthly payments depend on an applicant's creditworthiness. If you don't want to pay every month, you can also pay the entire cost of the 24-month subscription up front.

Speaking to, Booty elaborated and said while they aren't trying to hit a "quota", they do want to expand the breadth of their titles, especially content that is geared more towards Xbox Game Pass subscribers. And there is 0 per cent April for those two years.

The total cost is $660 or $27.50 a month if you were to divide it by 24. The announcements timeline seemed to line up, and the Xbox One X's 8 teraflop GPU should be powerful enough to deliver enjoyable VR experiences.

Xbox All Access is a good deal, but there are some things that you need to consider before you sign up. However, if you decide to cut your subscription before your two years is up, you'll be responsible for footing the bill on the remaining cost of the console. Still, there's no telling where console hardware will be in 24 months - by the time you've finally paid off your One S or One X, there might already be new consoles on the market.

Microsoft's new subscription service, titled Xbox All Access, was announced today by Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb on Twitter.

While more details for the specifics around the programme aren't yet available, Venturebeat's report does call Xbox All Access a "limited-time offer" only for "qualified customers". However, this service does lock you into both subscription services for the 24-month period, which is a caveat worth mentioning if you weren't planning on using either Game Pass or Xbox Live for the full two years.

"We don't have a goal of being the subscription where you get all your content".

In comparison, Xbox All Access would cost an accessible $35 a month.

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