Cindy McCain’s Heartbreaking Tribute To Late Husband John McCain At Arizona Funeral

Cindy McCain’s Heartbreaking Tribute To Late Husband John McCain At Arizona Funeral

Cindy McCain’s Heartbreaking Tribute To Late Husband John McCain At Arizona Funeral

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin reportedly has not been invited to attend the funeral. John McCain's final send-off, President Donald Trump is scheduled to headline a campaign rally.

Cindy McCain placed her cheek on the casket and patted it delicately following the intimate ceremony.

The bad blood between the two persisted after Mr McCain's death, with his family asking Mr Trump not to attend his funeral and the White House waffling on how to mourn a prominent fellow Republican. Ducey is also headed for a tough reelection battle in the fall, and is seeking a smooth replacement process.

"It's this moment, more than any other, that can't help but stir a spirit of patriotism deep inside every American", Ducey said.

Cindy McCain arrives for a memorial service for John McCain, at the Arizona Capitol on Wednesday, escorted by her sons Jimmy, left, and Jack.

Kyl said McCain "believed in America, he believed in its people, in its values and in its institutions". The group says they've been working since Saturday night when McCain's body was brought to Phoenix.

His friends throughout government spoke at a private ceremony in the rotunda. After public and private pressure, Trump issued a statement Monday offering his "respect" for McCain's service to the country.

Meghan was born to Cindy and John McCain in 1984.

"All of us are grateful for John's able representation over these many years", he said.

McCain's casket will be at the center of the memorial service Wednesday, which would have been his 82nd birthday, with chairs set up on all sides and a lectern between the USA and Arizonan flags.

"Imagining an Arizona without John McCain is like picturing Arizona without the Grand Canyon", Ducey said, per the NBC News report. Former Arizona Diamondbacks slugger Luis Gonzalez and ex-Phoenix Coyotes star Shane Doan will be among McCain's pallbearers.

McCain will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol on Friday, where the public may pay their respects.

McCain's name would replace that of former Sen.

Former Vice-President Joe Biden was delivering remarks at Thursday's service, where a number of friends and family members of McCain will also speak. "But I think there ought to be a significant memorial for Senator McCain and his service", said Sen.

For some Arizona residents, McCain has been a political fixture in the state for their entire lives.

Besides his tribute speech on the Senate floor, Graham will read scripture at McCain's memorial service at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, on Saturday, and give a tribute in Annapolis, Maryland, at the Naval Academy service on Sunday. She wept as she walked up to the casket and touched it with her with right hand, leaning on it for support as she walked away audibly sobbing.

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