Hawaii Isn't Prepared for a Future With Major Hurricanes

Hawaii Isn't Prepared for a Future With Major Hurricanes

Hawaii Isn't Prepared for a Future With Major Hurricanes

The National Weather Service warned on Twitter on Thursday that the hurricane "will bring life threatening conditions across Hawaii through Saturday with damaging winds, unsafe surf, coastal storm surge and INTENSE FLOODING RAINS".

The turn towards the north puts Hawaii at risk of "significant impacts", it has warned, bringing high winds, heavy rainfall, flash flooding and storm surges.

David Ige urged residents Wednesday to prepare weeks' worth of supplies ahead of Hurricane Lane, a Category 4 cyclone that could make landfall in the islands in the coming days.

HONOLULU-Hawaii residents emptied store shelves on August 22, claimed the last sheets of plywood to board up windows and drained gas pumps as Hurricane Lane churned toward the state. The US Navy moved most of its fleet out of Pearl Harbour on Wednesday.

United Airlines cancelled all flights in and out of Maui on Friday, Aug. 24.

"You're stuck here and resources might not get here in time". In the western half of that ocean they are called typhoons instead of hurricanes and tend to be bigger and badder than the storms that plague the Americas. Five of the eight largest Hawaiian Islands remain in the forecast cone of concern, including the most heavily populated island of Oahu. It appears that the storm will not directly hit the island, but run directly parallel to it.

"We pulled all the patio furniture in and we filled the bath tub up with cold water just in case, and we did do some shopping and made sure we had enough non-perishables", said Jason Smith, a resident of Chestermere, Alta., who is vacationing with his wife and three children, told CBC Calgary's The Homestretch.

"[Hurricane] Lane will pass dangerously close to the main Hawaiian islands as a hurricane Thursday and Friday", the NWS said.

The Central Pacific gets few hurricanes and tropical storms; the Atlantic or Eastern Pacific usually see many more named storms. Now, one such giant hurricane is closing in on Hawaii. (AAP) Dangerous surf is being kicked up off shore as the hurricane hits.

At a news conference with the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Thursday morning, government officials, the Red Cross and military leaders assured the public that they were prepared for swift-water rescues, to shelter residents and for potential repairs to the electrical grid.

Talmadge Magno, Hawaii County Civil Defense administrator, said that the string of natural disasters this year has been a strain but that the continual preparations have helped with the state's response to Hurricane Lane. Iniki caused more than $3 billion in damage and left six dead.

Residents across the state were stocking up on water, food, gasoline and emergency supplies as Lane drew nearer.

"The problem is once everything is all said and done, this type of magnitude, of this type of distraction, takes years and years and years and years to recover", Dickie Chang, who worked in Kauai during Iniki, told KHON-TV during the 25th anniversary last year.

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