The Oscars have announced a brand new category

The Oscars have announced a brand new category

The Oscars have announced a brand new category

In changes to the awards ceremony announced Wednesday morning nearly certainly created to try to address declining ratings to the ABC telecast (in the Academy's words "improvements needed to keep the Oscars and our Academy relevant in a changing world"), the Motion Picture Academy announced a new category for new category for "outstanding achievement in popular film".

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Academy's board of governors came together on Tuesday to figure out how they can add some pep to their golden-glazed step for a culture that changes rapidly by the hour.

In a letter sent to members, the Academy also announced that the telecast will now be kept to under three hours which means that some of the 24 categories will be announced during commercial breaks and then edited into the ceremony later on. Now the Oscars will take a page from the Tony Awards playbook by announcing some of the categories during commercial breaks.

The film academy is also shifting the date for the 92nd Academy Awards to earlier in the year.

What's more, the ceremony's 2020 show will air even earlier in the year on February 9.

The Academy Awards have suffered from low ratings in recent years. It also clocked it at almost 4 hours, making it the longest show in over a decade. But the academy didn't specify what films would be categorized as "popular" or when this change would take effect. They're scooching up the broadcast a couple weeks earlier in February - but not until the 2020 telecast.

However, the three-hour telecast means select categories will not air live.

Other cinephiles were turned off by the idea of a "popular film" category, worrying it could turn the Oscars into a ceremony that panders to popular public opinion, much like the MTV Movie Awards or the People's Choice Awards.

The 91st Oscars telecast remains as announced on Sunday, February 24, 2019. Many wrote that they hoped the category will be about stunt work. As THR notes, this is probably an attempt to make the Oscars seem more relevant, instead of taking place right at the end of the months-long awards circuit. Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film?

This experiment failed, and it felt as though the only way to "fix" it was to just go back to five Best Picture nominations.

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