President Trump Takes Shot LeBron James On Social Media

President Trump Takes Shot LeBron James On Social Media

President Trump Takes Shot LeBron James On Social Media

President Donald Trump attacked Ohio's favorite son, LeBron James, on Friday night, questioning his intelligence just a day before he's set to hold a rally in the state.

Trump took to the social media site to have a go at both National Basketball Association superstar LeBron James and CNN host Don Lemon, who appeared together in an interview that aired on Monday - in which James argued Trump is "dividing" us. LeBron James is a beloved athlete using his wealth and resources to make the world a better place, aka everything that Trump stands against. After throwing insults at both men, Trump also mentioned that he likes "Mike", which is nearly certainly a reference to Jordan. "And that's something that I can't relate to because I know that sports was the first time I was around someone white". "He's doing an wonderful job for his community", Jordan said in a statement to The Associated Press through his representative via text Saturday. Among them, Michael Jordan's letter of support spoke the loudest. "And in free agency Kobe hit me up himself like, "Hey, you want to be a Laker?' and I'm 'Hell ya, I've always been a Laker fan" and he said, 'Anyone insane enough to f*** with me is insane enough to play with me'".

The basketball player appeared at a rally for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign in his home state of OH, a critical swing state during the election that Trump ended up carrying. "LeBron just pledged millions for a school for underprivileged kids". Not one word or follow-up that takes issue with anything either man has actually said. The two also occupy separate wings of the White House.

CNN anchor Don Lemon replied to Mr Trump's tweet, asking: "Who's the real dummy?"

He suggested that since James no longer resides or represents a swing state in OH and has moved to the state of California which is essentially a lost cause, Trump can say what he feels. And of course Trump is jealous of LeBron.

"Even POTUS" supporters found the tweet to be in bad taste. "That angers me beyond belief", wrote Matt Barnes.

In his interview with Lemon, LeBron described how both athletics and education were high priorities for the young students at his new school, and lamented the idea of politics interfering with sports. After Trump rescinded his invitation to the Golden State Warriors, James called him a "bum". However, he's keeping busy with much more important things than petty Twitter wars.

Later in the interview, James stated that he feels Trump is "using sports to kinda divide us", a comment that apparently irked the president.

He also said he might consider running for office if someone said to him he was the only person and that Trump would win if he didn't step up.

For those who complete the program, which has been operating for years, James has arranged for free tuition to the University of Akron starting in 2021.

Other players from around the league, including Minnesota's Karl-Anthony Towns and Utah's Donovan Mitchell, came to James' defense on social media.

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