POTUS Threatens Iran In Explosive All Caps Twitter Tirade

POTUS Threatens Iran In Explosive All Caps Twitter Tirade

POTUS Threatens Iran In Explosive All Caps Twitter Tirade

Back in the first term of President Barack Obama, when Trump was a Twitter troll who commented on politics, the now-president predicted several times that Obama would declare war on Iran to "save face", or "get elected", or would "launch a strike" against the country because of his poll numbers.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned Trump about pursuing hardline policies against Tehran, saying "America should know... war with Iran is the mother of all wars", according to a Reuters report. "We are not longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence & death".

In Tehran, a headline on a local newspaper quoted Rouhani as saying: "Mr. Trump, do not play with the lion's tail".

Trump tweeted late on Sunday about the dangers to Iran of making hostile threats after Rouhani said Sunday "American must understand well that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace and war with Iran is the mother of all wars".

"In a single day the Trump administration has firmly steered the USA onto a path of confrontation with Iran", remarked Rainwater.

Tensions between Iran and the USA have worsened after Trump asked the long-handing nuclear deal created to ease sanctions in exchange for no nukes being developed by Tehran.

"Jon Rainwater, Peace ActionIn a televised speech from Iran's capital, Tehran, on Sunday, Rouhani had warned Trump that the United States can not block Iran from exporting crude oil".

Pompeo accuses Iranian Supreme Leader of profiting from $95 billion hedge fund

Trump's message to Iran echoes a tweet he addressed to the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a year ago.

Mr Trump replied this morning ordering Iran to stop threatening the U.S. or face the consequences.

Roozbeh Farahanipour, 47, an anti-regime dissident who left Iran for the U.S. in 1999 and advocates for the overthrow of the country's religious leaders, was in the audience on Sunday and said that he thought Pompeo was trying to strong-arm Tehran.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blasted Iran's religious leaders as "hypocritical holy men" whom he says are more interested in lining their pockets and spreading hardline views overseas than helping out their own cash-strapped citizens. Pompeo promised USA aid to Iranians who would rise up against their government officials, whom he said were "merely polished front men for the ayatollahs' global con artistry". Pompeo talked about increasing the media outreach to the Iranian people.

Pompeo also confirmed that Washington wants all countries to reduce their imports of Iranian oil "as close to zero as possible" by November 4, part of U.S. efforts to increase economic pressure on Tehran. "The United States supports you".

"He's going to attack Iran?" We will resist pressure from enemies.

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