European Union official criticizes Donald Trump over attitude toward allies

European Union official criticizes Donald Trump over attitude toward allies

European Union official criticizes Donald Trump over attitude toward allies

In a series of tweets from Brussels, Trump said "Presidents have been trying unsuccessfully for years to get Germany and other rich NATO Nations to pay more toward their protection from Russian Federation".

Such a move would reinforce the tough line the president took on defense spending at last week's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit, by punishing a deadbeat ally that does not meet its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation commitments and rewarding a steadfast ally that does.

In it, host Carlson asked a hypothetical question: "Let's say Montenegro, which joined past year, is attacked".

About 84 percent of respondents said Trump's comments about Russian Federation controlling Germany were "completely absurd", according to the poll which surveyed 1,004 Germans.

"You know, Montenegro is a tiny country with very strong people... they might get aggressive, and congratulations, you're in World War Three", he added.

In this NATO summit, because Trump has frequently dressed down NATO counterpart and asked them to increase defense spending, so the market worries that this NATO summit will be full of combat and tension, it may be even part on bad terms as G7 summit.

"Now I understand that, but that's the way it was set up", Trump said.

President Trump and Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw in July 2017.

A recent opinion piece published by Jomhouri Eslami newspaper says US President Donald Trump wants Europe to follow Washington's policies and it seems the European Union has to tolerate and accept this humiliating manner, even at the cost of losing their independence.

"Alliance trust is gained in drops and lost in buckets", tweeted Mark Hertling, a former U.S. Army commander in Europe.

As it happens, the governor of the US state of Maine, Paul LePage, was visiting Montenegro in hopes of strengthening ties with business and political leaders when the president's interview aired.

There is no doubt that President Putin will have learned from his opportunity to observe Donald Trump at close hand.

Asked if her confidence in the USA alliance had been shaken by Mr Trump's visits to NATO, Helsinki and in the washup, Ms Payne pointed out that she and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop would be on the U.S. west coast next week to meet their United States counterparts. They may get aggressive.

LePage says in a U.S. Embassy video that the Balkans have a hard history but "everybody likes Montenegro".

"Therefore, the friendship and the alliance of Montenegro and the United States of America is strong and permanent", Markovic's government said in its statement Thursday. It was the first new member since 2009, when Croatia and Albania were admitted to the US-led alliance.

A former province of communist Yugoslavia, Montenegro has only been fully independent since 2006.

The meeting would reinforce and strengthen the defence alliance between Australia and the USA, she said.

The only time Article 5 was ever invoked was by America after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks conducted by al-Qaeda. Russian Federation would also be unable to resupply Montenegro in a war.

Although peace in Europe is generally taken for granted in the post-Cold War world, the last century showed us how fragile that peace could be.

"The summit declaration that came out at the end of the summit stated clearly that any attack against one ally would be regarded as an attack against all", Nauert told reporters.

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