Donald Trump: European Union is a foe on trade

Donald Trump: European Union is a foe on trade

Donald Trump: European Union is a foe on trade

Like every other place the US president has traveled in Europe over the last week, large protests also took place in the Finnish capitol of Helsinki on Sunday-a day ahead of a highly anticipated and much-hyped meeting with his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin. He planned no public appearances until Monday, when he heads to the Presidential Palace for breakfast with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto.

Senior Senate Democrats sent a letter Saturday to Trump urging him not to meet with Putin alone.

The U.S. president, who was interviewed at the golf resort in Scotland that he has plugged at least three times during his European trip, also vowed that "nothing bad" will come out of the much-anticipated Putin summit. From aboard Air Force One, Trump called the USA news media "the enemy of the people" and complained that he'll face criticism regardless of the summit outcome.

Finland has a long legacy of hosting US-Soviet and US-Russian summits because of its geographic location and perceived neutrality.

Trump told CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor he believes there is value meeting with world leaders such as Putin and North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, and that there is little risk to the planned meeting in Helsinki, Finland where they're expected to discuss relations between the United States and Russian Federation and a range of national security issues.

When asked by CBS if he would ask Putin to extradite the Russians to the US, Trump said he had not thought of that idea but that he might.

Bolton was skeptical as to whether Trump would press Putin to extradite the 12 Russian agents to the United States, noting that the two countries do not have an extradition agreement.

He said that Russian Federation is a foe "in certain respects" and that China is a foe "economically ... but that doesn't mean they are bad".

The president taped the interview at Turnberry the day before he was set to leave for Helsinki.

"Well, I think we have a lot of foes", Trump said. "I believe that having a meeting with Chairman Kim was a good thing", he said of North Korea's supreme leader whom he met last month in Singapore.

A U.S. federal grand jury charged 12 Russian intelligence officers on Friday with hacking Democratic computer networks in 2016, in the most detailed United States accusation yet that Moscow meddled in the election to help Republican Trump.

The Kentucky Republican says Russian interference in the 2016 USA presidential election isn't "morally equivalent" to US interference in Russian elections. "I'm not going with high expectations", he said.

Senator John McCain of Arizona, a prominent Republican critic of the president, also urged Trump to cancel his summit with the Russian leader if he was "not prepared to hold Putin accountable".

A USA senator says it's inevitable that Russia is going to interfere in American elections and that it's pointless to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin about it.

Asked if Trump would present Putin "with the evidence that it was ..." The label has the two presidents playing rock paper scissors, and the chief executive Samuli Huutanen said, "Naturally we don't offer this as a first solution for problem solving, but if there is a danger of a dead end, this is a guaranteed way to solve issues". "They had bad defenses and they were able to be hacked".

"And so it just belies common sense that the president of the United States, this president, is going to sit down across from Putin and press him hard on the issue of Russian meddling".

The United States will not look for "deliverables" from Monday's summit with Russian Federation, stressing that talks will be "unstructured", USA national security adviser John Bolton said on Sunday.

"Is there any way", Karl pressed Bolton on This Week, "that we could have 12 officials, some of them quite senior in Russian military intelligence, carry out an operation to undermine a USA presidential election and Putin himself would not know?" It was the first by Mueller that directly charges the Russian government with meddling in the election, unexpectedly won by Trump.

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