Sacha Baron Cohen teases a new Trump-related project

Sacha Baron Cohen teases a new Trump-related project

Sacha Baron Cohen teases a new Trump-related project

When Trump urges Baron Cohen to "go to school, learn about being amusing", messages on the screen warn that "Sacha graduates soon".

In his first interview since the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided his home three months ago, the former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen made it very apparent that he might flip on the president.

Davis said in a statement Thursday: "Like most of America, I have been following the matter regarding Michael Cohen with great interest". Cohen's clip ends by throwing shade at the infamous Trump University.

Who knows what it all means but, for the record, Baron Cohen did go to school to learn about being amusing.

Sacha Baron Cohen may be reviving his long-standing feud with Donald Trump. It's unclear if the teased Trump-related project is that same film. You don't know [expletive]", Trump continues in the clip right before another message appears saying, "Sacha graduates.

ABC News on July 2 published excerpts from an interview with Cohen in which he rejected Trump's description of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe as a "witch hunt". "Soon", followed by the Trump University logo. He tried to pitch him an idea about a gloves for eating ice cream.

However, Baron Cohen told James Corden in 2016 that Trump was with him for 7 minutes. Later, the president boasted, "I never fall for scams".

Cohen became famous in the late '90s with his character Ali G, who would appear on various programs and eventually became the star of Da Ali G Show. It is now unclear of how Sacha Baron Cohen got a hold of this unseen message from Donald Trump, which was likely filmed before he became President.

Hopefully this tease by Sacha Baron Cohen's Twitter is more than just a joke and will actually be made into a full movie, as people are predicting.

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