Playing nice gets Japan through to World Cup knockout round

Playing nice gets Japan through to World Cup knockout round

Playing nice gets Japan through to World Cup knockout round

Jan Bednarek got the solitary goal of the match in the 59th minute when he beat his marker at the far post to volley in a swirling free-kick from Rafal Kurzawa.

The fair play ranking is being used as a tiebreaker for the first time at a World Cup, but Cisse had no issues with the new regulation despite his side ending up on the losing end.

"It's the law of football, the law of fair play, and we had less points in that aspect and we have to accept it".

Former Senegal worldwide Cisse refused to play the blame game.

"We were fully committed and maybe because we were fully committed, we got more yellow cards".

"It's the rules of the game, they've been established by Federation Internationale de Football Association and we have to respect it, even though we would have liked to have been eliminated another way", he said.

Previously, a random drawing of lots would have decided which team would advance between Japan and Senegal.

"Senegal's players were all highly committed".

Fans pay big money to attend World Cup matches for the experience and to be entertained but neither Japan and Poland cared about that on this occasion.

"I do not know if this rule is cruel or not, but I can't ask my players to jump on the court to not receive yellows", said the Senegalese coach, visibly disappointed.

"I don't think for a minute about my future because we've worked for three years to be here and if something may confuse me during the World Cup I will leave it aside because I want to be 100 per cent focused on the World Cup".

However, Japan finished the group stage with only four yellow cards received, while Senegal had six, seeing Japan advance to the round of 16 instead of them.

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