'Modern Family' creator joins Judd Apatow, Seth MacFarlane in condemning Fox News

'Modern Family' creator joins Judd Apatow, Seth MacFarlane in condemning Fox News

'Modern Family' creator joins Judd Apatow, Seth MacFarlane in condemning Fox News

Some powerful Hollywood producers and directors have criticized Twenty-First Century Fox Inc over its news commentators' support for the USA immigration crackdown that separates children from their parents, with one award-winning producer threatening to take his work elsewhere.

In a statement to the New York Times, Levitan thanked 20th Century Fox, which produces Modern Family, and its executives for treating him "so well for two decades".

"I look forward to seeing #ModernFamily through to the end and then, sale or no sale, setting up shop elsewhere", Levitan Tweeted Tuesday.

On Saturday, MacFarlane lashed out at Fox News host Tucker Carlson for urging viewers not to believe what they hear on other networks. "For now, I will take some time to see where those people land, and at that point, make a decision about my future".

But more people who are now or formerly associated with Fox are joining the sharp rebuke of the conservative news network and its parent company for the network's defense of the Trump administration and its immigration policies. Calling it "fringe s--", MacFarlane claimed Carlson was asking his fans to "blindly obey" the network.

On Sunday, Fox News contributor Ann Coulter described the detained migrant children as "child actors weeping and crying" and urged U.S. President Donald Trump, "Do not fall for it, Mr. President". The 20th Century Fox film studio did not respond to requests for comment. "I have great respect and admiration for. everyone at 20th Century Fox TV studio who have all treated me so well for nearly two decades", he said.

Apatow has called on "employees of all of Fox" to "speak up". Imagine if it was your kids.

"Not one new person who works for Fox or at Fox has spoken up strongly about their news channel supporting ripping families apart", Apatow later tweeted.

Apatow also spoke up on Monday. And today he backed that up showing he's serious with a whopping $2 million donation to NPR, with another half million donated directly to an NPR Los Angeles affiliate.

Powerful entertainment creators connected to the Fox network recently joined forces to denounce Fox News.

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