China, Russia, Mongolia vow to strengthen cooperation

China, Russia, Mongolia vow to strengthen cooperation

China, Russia, Mongolia vow to strengthen cooperation

He added that Russian Federation would seek to maintain the agreement despite USA plans to resume sanctions against Iran.

Russian Federation and the United State have touted their nuclear supremacy. "I would recommend, and it is up to them, but Russian Federation should be at the meeting", Trump noted.

"I agree with him, and to have a meaningful discussion, our ministries of foreign affairs and experts should get involved and work closely together, and of course a meeting in person is necessary", Putin told reporters at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in Qingdao, China.

On Sunday, Trump's chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow accused Trudeau of undermining the United States and its allies with comments at the G7 summit.

The China-Russia relations, standing at a high level, have benefited the two peoples and served as a model of harmonious coexistence of major countries and neighboring countries. "They should let Russia come back in because we should have Russia at the negotiating table." adding, "I think it would be an asset to have Russia back in".

The suggestion from Trump, made on June 8 on the eve of a summit of G7 leaders, was the latest in a string of conciliatory statements by him toward Moscow, a stance that has clashed with many congressional Republicans and Democrats, as well as large parts of the USA foreign policy establishment.

Moscow was suspended from the G8 in 2014, after it annexed Crimea.

"Once again, nothing concrete was said", Putin said, referring to the G7 statement.

Trade, investment and development cooperation issues will also feature prominently at the SCO, Murphy said, given the climate of "rising anti-globalization and strains on global multilateral economic institutions", stoked by Trump's nationalist "America First" policy.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, whose country is an observer member, also attended the meeting as he seeks Chinese and Russian support following the USA withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Tehran.

"Whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run", Trump said.

Trump's attempts to include Russian Federation into the group has raised suspicions because the intelligence agencies in the USA have confirmed that Russian Federation meddled in the 2016 election, which eventually helped Trump win.

Putin said it was not Russia's decision to quit the G7, saying he would be happy to see G7 leaders in Russian Federation.

Conte was commenting from the G7 summit in Canada, where the leaders of Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Japan, Canada and the U.S. are gathered for top-level talks.

"As far as I know, the president of the United States said the considering the possibility of regulating the additional supply of automotive equipment in the USA market", he said.

"Russia is more often than not trying deliberately to be a strategic rival, to deliberately counter the good things we're trying to achieve in the world than for no other reason than to just counter them".

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