Talks of denuclearization seen in Kim-Trump meet

Talks of denuclearization seen in Kim-Trump meet

Talks of denuclearization seen in Kim-Trump meet

Kim, in his first public comments since arriving, said Singapore's role would be recorded in history if the summit was a success.

"I am on my way to Singapore where we have a chance to achieve a truly wonderful result for North Korea and the World".

"Kim Jong Un is revered as a god-like being in his country, while outside the North, he's been subject to hostility because of the way his regime is run, and that's enough to always cause safety concerns for his officials", said Chae.

Kim's chief of staff was spotted in Beijing last week after wrapping up talks with USA officials in Singapore which had included security discussions.

For Kim, almost 40 years Trump's junior and representing the third generation of North Korea's ruling dynasty, the summit affords both him and his long-isolated country the worldwide legitimacy his father and grandfather could only dream of.

The North Korean leader shook hands with Singaporean Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan shortly after arriving at Singapore's Chagi airport.

This would further reinforce the softer image Kim Jong Un has enjoyed in South Korea after the inter-Korean summit.

A man identified as a North Korean security official was photographed standing outside the hotel as the motorcade approached.

Other security personnel were spotted using equipment to sweep the room for explosives or recording devices.

Trump said on Saturday that Kim has a "one-time shot" at reaching a deal with the US.

He has only publicly left his country three times since taking power after his father's death in late 2011 - twice traveling to China and once across his shared border with the South to the southern part of the Demilitarized Zone in recent summits with the leaders of China and South Korea respectively. Beijing is considering deploying fighter jets to escort Kim Jong Un's aircraft when it is in Chinese airspace, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency said, citing an unnamed source in Beijing.

A vehicle believed to be carrying North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is seen in Singapore on Sunday afternoon.

Authorities have declared two locations as special event areas from June 10 to 14 for the summit.

On June 8, the police force said that the venues involved in the Singapore Summit, and the areas around them, have correspondingly been designated as Enhanced Security Special Event Areas from 10 June to 14 June 2018. Despite North Korea being one of the world's poorest countries, enormous resources were spent on the ballistic missile and nuclear programmes.

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