Philadelphia mother arrested on Wildwood beach speaks on Good Morning America

Philadelphia mother arrested on Wildwood beach speaks on Good Morning America

Philadelphia mother arrested on Wildwood beach speaks on Good Morning America

"I've been real anxious over it", Weinman said. She says she is upset over what people have been saying about her. "I'm not this person that they're out here trying to make me seem like", Weinman said.

"One situation doesn't define someone", Emily said.

Cellphone video shows one of the officers repeatedly punching Weinman in the head while restraining her. Police said Weinman hit an officer first.

Weinman, who was with her toddler daughter during the arrest, spoke of the toll the viral video, and the reaction of millions of strangers, has taken on her.

Twenty-year-old Emily Weinman says she was with her 1-year-old daughter at the beach on Memorial Day Weekend when she was approached by Wildwood officers for suspicion of underage drinking. It was only after the video of her violent arrest went viral that she was slapped with the more serious charge of assaulting a police officer.

And she has no intention of telling the officers involved that she's sorry, she said in the interview.

A woman hit twice by a cop on a New Jersey beach said Wednesday she "didn't see the point" in giving officers her name - and that the experience has been "emotionally exhausting". "After the bystander video came out and started getting attention that's when they charged her with the aggravated assault".

In the body cam footage, one of the officers says he's going to arrest her after she refuses to give her name.

It was determined by the County Prosecutor's office that the actions of the arresting officer (s) did not meet the evidentiary standards to warrant criminal charges under that law or any other related criminal statutes, according to a release.

Weinman also said the containers of alcohol in their possession were sealed, contradicting the allegations against her.

"She didn't go out that Saturday looking for trouble", Dicht said on the show. I'm not a bad person. Before he handcuffs her, the bodycam video shows the officer's fist rising and falling several times. The officers changed their minds at some point and made a decision to take Weinman into custody. As to the spitting, Weinman alleged that she had gotten sand in her mouth after her head was pushed into the ground by the officer, and so she subsequently "turned around to spit it out". "A decision such as this is not based on emotion; it is based upon applying the proper laws, policies and directives that govern law enforcement", he said.

The Cape May County prosecutor announced Tuesday that the officers involved in Weinman's arrest would not be charged but they still faced an internal department review.

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