Jared Leto is reportedly in talks for Joker spin-off movie

Jared Leto is reportedly in talks for Joker spin-off movie

Jared Leto is reportedly in talks for Joker spin-off movie

Leto first appeared as the Joker to mixed reactions in David Ayer's Suicide Squad, with fans pointing out his role was little more than a glorified cameo given lack of screen time, and naysayers saying both the film and Joker sucked.

Per Variety, it looks like we won't be starving for Joker movies anytime soon as Jared Leto's Joker will now receive his own standalone feature that is wholly unconnected from the Todd Phillips-directed origin feature that was announced a year ago.

For now, it seems that Warner Bros. and Jared Leto will be hunting for a writer and a director to get the ball rolling for yet another Joker movie.

Previously, the film studios confirmed Margot Robbie's upcoming production, Birds Of Prey, which centers around her character, Harley Quinn. While the critics responded poorly to Suicide Squad, the film was a huge box office success, raking in $746.8 million worldwide. Jared Leto's Joker will ride once again, but it is unclear of how or when Warner Bros. and DC Films plan to release the projects.

Word comes from Variety that Leto will be starring and executive producing a solo movie for the Clown Prince of Crime, with DC and Warner Bros. looking to build up a mini-universe from Suicide Squad. Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play the character in that film but no overlap between the two is expected. Whether or not you enjoyed the movie, Warner Bros. and DC Comics still made a mountain of cash off the flick. Jared Leto is a played out actor who takes himself far too seriously, who I would be thrilled to not see except on rewatches of My So-Called Life.

Leto and the studio are now looking for a writer for the project, but there's no start date in place.

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