30-year-old son finally moves out of his parents' house

30-year-old son finally moves out of his parents' house

30-year-old son finally moves out of his parents' house

A 30-year-old man has finally moved out of his parents' house after being ordered to by a judge.

Michael Rotondo, the millennial who made headlines after he was ordered to vacate his parents' home has officially left on Friday, June 1, 2018.

Rotondo had avoided TV crews staked out on the upstate NY road earlier Friday morning by leaving from the back, but returned around 9:30 a.m.in the passenger seat of a pickup truck.

Rotondo tells TMZ. he called the cops on his father in the midst of the moving process because his dad refused to hand over some toys he wanted to pack for his child - yes, Michael has a son. Instead, the father offered to look for items and, if he found them, bring them out. They told a judge they'd given him five written notices asking him to leave and offering financial assistance if he moved out.

In a brief phone interview with CNN, Michael Rotondo said he left the house because "I had to be out by today".

Rotondo also argued in a court filing that as part of his living agreement he had "never been expected to contribute to household expenses or assist with chores and the maintenance of the premises", CNYCentral reported. "While the police were there, the Legos were located and there was no further incident".

In a odd twist, Rotondo argued he was too busy dealing with a custody battle over his own son.

"I'm glad to be out of this place", Rotondo said. "I don't have to guess what's behind Door No. 1".

A cousin with a truck is helping him move his belongings from the house where he has lived rent-free for the last eight years into storage.

Throughout the court process, Michael Rotondo claimed to have a source of income from a revenue-generating business, but would not say what this business entailed.

Christina and Mark Rotondo sued their son after repeatedly sending formal letters asking him to leave.

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