N. Korea's Kim hopes Trump summit will 'end history of confrontation': Moon

N. Korea's Kim hopes Trump summit will 'end history of confrontation': Moon

N. Korea's Kim hopes Trump summit will 'end history of confrontation': Moon

If his trip is confirmed, Kim Yong Chol would be the most senior North Korean official to meet with top officials in the United States since Jo Myong Rok, a marshal, met with then-President Bill Clinton at the White House in 2000.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has lobbied hard for nuclear negotiations between Trump and Kim, met with the North Korean leader in a surprise meeting on Saturday in an effort to keep the summit alive.

The Trump administration is believed to have granted him a temporary waiver this time to allow him to NY, where North Korea has a diplomatic mission to the United Nations. He is considered to be Kim Jong-un's right-hand man and serves as the vice central committee chairman of the North's ruling Workers' Party.

The president added, "It will happen!" though his exact meaning was not clear.

At a higher level, meanwhile, the North Korean leader's right-hand man Kim Yong-chol flew to NY to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Trump hosted South Korean President Moon Jae-in last week. We haven't gotten any official word about whether the North Koreans kept their promise this time and showed up for the date in Singapore.

On Sunday, current U.S. ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim led a team to the northern side of the "Unification House" along the DMZ for talks on North Korea's nuclear program.

"(Moon) could join President Trump and (North Korean leader) Kim (Jong Un) in Singapore", a senior official with Moon's office told Yonhap news agency on condition of anonymity.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders holds the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, U.S. May 17, 2018.

But within 24 hours he reversed course, saying it could still go ahead after productive talks were held with North Korean officials.

"I just want to mention we're doing very well in terms of the summit with North Korea".

But he says a Trump-Kim meeting is "a move in the right direction at least". Moon said Sunday that the North's disarmament could still be a hard process even if Pyongyang, Washington and Seoul don't differ over what "complete denuclearization" of the peninsula means. But it wasn't immediately known what else he would do in the United States.

The U.S. delegation in Panmunjom is led by Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim, a former envoy to South Korea.

Kim Yong Chol, who is about 72, is a contentious figure outside North Korea.

Until this point, it's been unclear whether Kim is willing to agree to a timetable for abandoning his nuclear weapons program and what demands he will have for the United States in return.

A U.S. official told Reuters that Sung Kim, the former United States ambassador to South Korea, was leading the American delegation to meet North Korean officials at the border. 3 - Kim Yong-chol is on the U.S. blacklist and should be banned from visiting the U.S. But it looks like he has been granted a waiver.

This was further underscored by the PR stunt North Korea pulled this week when it unilaterally "destroyed" its Punggye-ri nuclear test site. He has had the summits with Moon and Xi, as well as two meetings with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's de facto chief of staff, Kim Chang Son, meanwhile, flew to Singapore via Beijing on Monday night, Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported.

"Sending such an experienced and professional team signals that the Trump administration is getting serious about the specifics of an agreement", said Abraham Denmark, a former USA deputy assistant secretary of defence for East Asia.

On May 16, North Korea criticized USA national security adviser John Bolton, who had called for North Korea to quickly give up its nuclear arsenal in a deal that would mirror Libya's abandonment of its program for weapons of mass destruction.

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