Trump wades into 'Roseanne' debacle in swipe at Bob Iger

Trump wades into 'Roseanne' debacle in swipe at Bob Iger

Trump wades into 'Roseanne' debacle in swipe at Bob Iger

Sanofi, the makers of Ambien, responded to say that "racism is not a known side effect".

Hours after ABC pulled the plug on "Roseanne" because of her offensive tweet about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett - and quickly breaking a promise to stay off Twitter - the comedian was busy posting on the social media platform.

"It was 2 in the morning and I was Ambien tweeting-it was memorial day too-i went 2 far & do not want it defended-it was egregious Indefensible", she wrote.

Roseanne Barr participates in a panel at the Paley Center for Media on March 26, 2018 in NY.

Sanofi-Aventis tells people to stop taking Ambien if they find themselves performing complex behaviors - like making phone calls or driving a vehicle - without being fully awake. At one point, she slammed co-star Sara Gilbert (Darlene Conner) for saying she was "disappointed" with Barr's remarks, which Gilbert called "abhorrent".

Now, per Entertainment Weekly, streaming giant Hulu and digital network Laff have made the same call as a number of TV networks including Paramount Network, TV Land, and CMT, pulling Roseanne from their streaming libraries.

"No, I understand her position and why she said what she said", Barr said. In particular, she said 36-year-old Fishman - who played the Conners' son the original series and revival, and shared a lengthy statement on Twitter expressing his "vehement" condemnation of Barr's words - threw her "under the bus". "Now some bonehead Photoshopped a horrific image on the shirt and she retweeted this", she said.

In another tweet, Barr called billionaire Democratic donor and a Holocaust survivor George Soros "a Nazi" who "turned in his fellow Jews 2 be murdered in concentration camps & stole their wealth".

Clinton replied to Barr early Tuesday, "Good morning Roseanne - my given middle name is Victoria".

But cancelling "Roseanne" is "like taking off "All in the Family" or "I Love Lucy" or Andy Griffith at their zenith", he said. "Maybe I just didnt get the call?" For one thing, Barr's comment about Jarrett was part of a long history of publicly making racist and anti-Semitic comments and spreading conspiracy theories.

The Trump administration has proved that it doesn't mind weighing in on racial matters when it is to attack political opponents or affirm those praising the president. Others believe that her personal comments on Twitter should not have impacted the sitcom.

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