"Imperative" To Dismantle North Korean Weapons, Say Donald Trump, Shinzo Abe

"Imperative" To Dismantle North Korean Weapons, Say Donald Trump, Shinzo Abe

The two may meet to put final touches on the preparations for the summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The American president said the summit could go ahead as planned following a more appeasing statement from Pyongyang and productive talks with North Korean officials.

Trump tweeted on Sunday that USA officials had "arrived in North Korea to make arrangements for the Summit between Kim Jong Un and myself".

Both Pyongyang and Washington are pressing ahead with plans for a meeting between the two leaders after Mr Trump pulled out of the scheduled June 12 summit on Thursday, only to reconsider the decision the next day.

Higher-level talks could also occur before the summit, the official said, including further discussions between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and top North Korean officials, including possibly Kim.

On Monday, veteran American diplomat Sung Kim led an American delegation to Panmunjom at the demilitarised zone (DMZ) for talks with North Korean officials.

In their meeting on Saturday, Kim reaffirmed his commitment to "complete" denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula and to a planned summit with Trump, Moon told reporters in Seoul.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Joe Hagin leads the USA delegation, while Kim Chang-son, a senior official at the State Affairs Commission, represents the North.

Sung Kim, the former USA ambassador to South Korea and current ambassador to the Philippines, led that American delegation, an American official said.

Mr. Moon said he told Mr. Kim in return that Mr. Trump has a "firm resolve" to end hostile relations with North Korea and initiate economic cooperation if Pyongyang implements "complete denuclearization".

Howard X, who speaks English flawlessly, said the goal of his trip was to wish for a successful summit between the real Kim and Trump.

Just days after announcing the cancellation of the meeting on Twitter, Trump tweeted that US officials had already arrived in Singapore over the weekend to prepare for it. The U.S. delegation reportedly included Sung Kim, U.S. ambassador to the Philippines and a former U.S. special representative for North Korea policy.

A surprise meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in occurred Saturday on the North Korean side of the shared inter-Korean area of Panmunjom. South Korea and China account for nearly all of North Korea's land borders, so their support is essential for enforcing sanctions ramped up a year ago after Mr Kim declared the ability to strike the United States with a nuclear weapon.

His entry caused such a stir plain-clothed officials from South Korea's National Counter-terrorism Centre were forced to step in and move him away from the North's cheerleaders who were sitting nearby.

Before cancelling the summit last week, Mr Trump said that China had eased up enforcement of sanctions on its border. He later said the U.S. was talking to North Korea and it could still go ahead.

Howard X clowned: "Look, if the summit is gonna happen, I'm going to guarantee it won't just be me".

American officials are skeptical that Kim will ever fully abandon his nuclear arsenal.

It has also remained highly sceptical about North Korea's intentions, reminding the United States that the North has signed and reneged on multiple previous nuclear deals.

U.S. officials also entered North Korea yesterday to hold talks on preparations for a possible summit, a United States newspaper reported.

Before he canceled the summit, Trump did not rule out an incremental approach that would provide incentives along the way to the North.

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